The extent to which the roadmap is executed is related to the sales of the script. For that reason we can't make promises when and if a feature will be implemented.

When asking for updates, and how long it takes for a new release, please take into account the considerations below.

Bugs and issues

Bugs and issues have the highest priority. Unfortunately Business Manager is no exception.


Support is very important to us. This takes up a considerable part of our time, and therefore also of the product development.


To avoid technical debt and to improve the general quality of the project, we will refactor code from time to time.

On the radar

This may change frequently, and there is no guarantee that items on this list will be implemented. This list will organically change based on user input, and is meant as a notepad to provide overview.

In random order (no priority defined):

  • Custom fields
  • Redefine task permissions based on user input
  • Improved client dashboard
  • Manage more settings like statuses, industries, role names, units and taxes
  • Better Excel export
  • CRON tabs for due date reminders
  • Gantt chart for project tasks
  • Milestones for projects
  • General search
  • Reports
  • Add timezone / localization to installation
  • Improve update
  • Support tickets / form
  • Multi language [done]
  • File management on user level [done]
  • Billable / non-billable hour tracking for tasks [done]
  • Invoice generation based on hour tracking [done]
  • PDF export for propositions [done]