With the Lead Pop-ups add-on you can capture leads from any existing website.

The add-on is only visible for users with the admin or manager role.

Lead Pop-ups add-on

You only have to drop in one line of code into any website, and the pop-up will be triggered if the conditions are met.

Lead Pop-up

The only required form field is the email address. When a visitors submits his details, a user with the Lead role is added, together with the lead source. In this case the lead source is the name of the pop-up. Email addresses have to be unique per lead source. There can be multiple users with the same email address, as long as they are obtained through different lead campaigns. This way it is possible to address various campaigns later on.

When you export users, their role and lead source are also exported, so you can filter the list for different purposes. For example, to import into a newsletter system, or to contact people at a later time.