The system is set up with a number of predefined roles and permissions. Please note that the Agent role has no particular use case yet. The Lead role is used in add-ons like the Lead Pop-ups.

Role Admin Manager Employee Contractor Client Agent Lead
Edit profile
Access system settings
Access all user uploaded files
View people
View all user details
View basic user details when team member *
Create user
Edit user
Delete user
Log in as user
View companies
Create company
Edit company
Delete company
View all projects
Create project
Edit project
Edit project where manager
Delete project
View project where involved
View project description where involved
View project description when permission
Project tasks
Create task
Edit task
View task
Delete task
Create tasks where manager
Edit task where manager
Delete task where manager
View tasks where involved
View tasks when permission
Project propositions
Edit propositions
View propositions
View proposition where involved
View proposition when permission
Approve proposition when permission
Reset approval
Project files
Upload and access all project files
Upload and access personal project files
Upload and access personal project files when permission
Project comments
View project comments
View project comments when permission
Create invoice
Download invoice
Send invoice
Edit invoice (drafts)
Delete invoice (drafts)

* Basic user details are the avatar, name, role, job title, email address and phone number (when available).