Under the "Projects" tab admins can create, edit and delete projects. When creating a new project, there are only a few fields required. The name, the status and the client.


Client company contact persons

The client company can have one or more contact persons. These users will be able to see this project in their dashboard, and receive notifications if that option is checked. There are a number of other settings that allow you to specify what the contacts can do and see:

Project options

If you have multiple projects for one customer, and this customer has multiple contact persons but you don't want to involve all contact persons in all projects, you may want to consider setting up different companies for these different projects.

Project members


The project members consist of:

  • Client company contact persons.
  • Project managers.
  • Admins, managers, employees and contractors assigned to a task of the project.

Projects and tasks on the dashboard

Whenever projects and tasks are shown on the dashboard, they are ordered by these columns, in this particular order:

  1. Project status.
  2. Priority (Urgent / High / Normal / Low).
  3. Due date.
  4. Date completed.